Ultrasonic cleaner for Custom Built Machines: Do You Need Them?

You could have had custom-made tools or equipment made for use in your organization. And while that could have worked out great, here is something that you probably didn’t figure it out yet – how do you clean it?

Just like you got the machines which ensured it would fit your needs, purpose and even the style, you need the right cleaners that can do it all.

And there is nothing better than ultrasonic cleaners to help clean your custom built machines. Ultrasonic cleaners from Hilsonic.co.uk can reach just about any part of the machine, ensuring quality results and reliability.

The Top Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaners

  1. It’s Not As Costly As You Would Think

There is custom-made ultrasonics cleaners that are not costly, has the parts or shelf that you want and features that will meet your needs.

You already know how these ultrasonics cleaners work and even its advantages but there are ultrasonics cleaners that are not available with the right dimensions for your parts, and this is solved by choosing a custom made ultrasonics cleaners.

  1. Is Designed to Suit Your Needs

If you are looking at customizing ultrasonics cleaners, you need to take a look at everything from the product size to unusual cleaning processes.

Do remember that ultrasonics cleaners are ideal for if the equipment is hard to clean manually, and can achieve a high degree of cleanliness.

Additionally, the entire process is environmentally friendly as it is based on water-based solutions.

The Guide to the Customization process of Ultrasonic Cleaners

Customization needs to focus on the following things:

– The products being cleaned,

– Whether there are proper tank sizes,

– Are the ultrasonics cleaners frequency employed?

– What are the bath temperatures?

– What are the dirt or contaminants being removed?

– What would be the balancing cleaning speed versus cost,

– What is the degree of automation desired,

– Have you selected the correct cleaning solution?

– Are there any safety issues relating to specialized cleaning solvents that you need to worry about?

Apart from that, there are a few other considerations too.

Tank dimensions:

It should fit the storage space that you have, and since most have their standard dimensions. Custom made is chosen by those who require a specific dimension for their ultrasonics cleaners.

Ultrasonics cleaners’ power: this is measured in watts per gallon of cleaning solution. The requirement for the power will depend on the volume of the tank and the type of cleaning that you will do.

Extending Solution life:

The cleaning solution is important, and to extend its life; you have filtration systems often included.


Custom automation is necessary for your ultrasonics cleaners. Of course, you don’t want your personnel to focus on the cleaners itself most of the time. Choose automation that is designed to do the task of simply lowering the baskets or large parts into the bath and remove parts from the bath for rinsing and drying.

We know that it’s a lot to ponder about, and you could just come to us at Hilsonic to help you out with it. Our range of products makes it easy in deciding the right ultrasonic s cleaners for you.